5 proven ways to protect your home from bacteria and viruses

5 proven ways to protect your home from bacteria and viruses

Home is the main place in our life, where we spend the lion’s share of time, and that is why it is so important to protect it from viruses and bacteria. What can you advise in this direction? Together with Estima, a global brand of porcelain stoneware from Russia, we understand the issue and offer five relevant and effective protection methods.

High-quality cleaning is a guarantee of health

Indoor cleanliness is a fundamental safety factor. Mechanical and chemical removal of bacteria and harmful microorganisms is the most effective way to eliminate them from our life – regular cleaning stops the reproduction and formation of colonies of organisms and fungi.

  • Chemical compositions. There are many different surface treatment products on the market today. Some of them are marketed as “especially from COVID”, which significantly increases the cost, however, it must be understood that all viruses in terms of their resistance to the same monochloramine are approximately the same. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to overpay for loud advertising slogans – ordinary inexpensive domestic funds are no worse than foreign counterparts.
  • Folk remedies. Our ancestors actively used soda, ammonia, and vinegar for disinfection. You should not ignore them these days, especially when it comes to surfaces with which our body comes into contact, for example, bathtubs and sinks. In this case, folk remedies are much better than “chemistry”, since they do not have such an aggressive effect while coping with their primary task.

Modern finishing materials with antibacterial coating

If you are starting a renovation, it’s time to think about the fight against bacteria and viruses, as well as the ubiquitous fungi. For example, recently an innovative in its characteristics porcelain stoneware tiles with an antibacterial coating have appeared on the market, which by 99.9% allows you to destroy germs and bacteria throughout the entire life of the material. By the way, such tiles are ideal for decorating kitchens, bathrooms, and they can also be easily washed with plain water and detergents.

Coniferous plants

Do you know why sanatoriums are often built in pine forests? Because there are plenty of coniferous essential oils. They perfectly fight unwanted “guests” of the air, including in the rooms of apartments and houses. Use decorative fir, fresh pine or spruce twigs (you can put them in a vase instead of a bunch of flowers), and homemade lemons in pots to filter the air


In the technical field, there are quite a lot of different devices that help fight viruses and bacteria, but not all of them actually benefit, and some can even harm. Of those tested and really recommended by doctors, it is worth highlighting Chizhevsky’s ionizing air bulbs and ultraviolet lamps. Important: be sure to read the instructions and consult with experts about the application, so as not to harm yourself and others.


From the street, bacteria and viruses enter the house not only with the air but also on clothes. They settle on bed linen, capes, and various bedspreads. Therefore, do not be lazy to wash clothes and linen as often as possible – this way you can keep your house clean and get rid of harmful microorganisms in a timely manner.


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