7 cartoons that will help your child understand himself

7 cartoons that will help your child understand himself

Together with the Disney Channel, we have selected 7 instructive cartoons, the heroes of which will show by their own example how to cope with feelings and emotions, believe in yourself and, throwing away fears, not give up on the way to the goal.

City of Heroes: A New History

Based on the Oscar-winning movie City of Heroes, the animated series follows the adventures of a team of teenage superheroes. The guys show by their own example that learning is cool and interesting, and knowledge helps to cope with any difficulties and even defeat villains. At the same time, the main character, the prodigy Hiro, is going through the hardships of growing up and is faced with misunderstanding from his peers. In the final season animated series launched on February 8 and airs on Disney Channel Monday through Thursday at 5:00 pm, Hiro and his friends will continue to work as a team to protect their hometown from new danger.

Song of the sea

The touching cartoon “Song of the Sea”, based on Irish mythology, has received numerous awards and was even nominated for an Oscar. The main character of the picture, the boy Ben, has a difficult relationship with his family: he feels disliked and is jealous of his father for his sister. Everything changes when Ben decides to run away, not suspecting that his sister will follow him. Together, the children will make an unforgettable journey, thanks to which they will learn to love, accept losses and cherish their relatives. This stunningly beautiful and thoughtful cartoon is especially recommended for families with several children.


We all sometimes lack confidence and motivation. “Believe in yourself” is the main theme of the cartoon “Ballerina” about the girl Feliz, who dreams of becoming a famous dancer. The main character of the picture has to go a thorny path from an orphan from the hinterland to a ballerina of the best Parisian theater. Her inspiring story will help young viewers to believe in themselves and understand that it is impossible to achieve success without hard work and determination.

Kung Fu Panda

The cartoon about the wonderful transformation of a clumsy and lazy hero into a brave warrior breaks stereotypes and inspires optimism. If such a funny idiot like the panda Po could become a real master of kung fu, then others can also change themselves and achieve their goal. And although the path to inner harmony and dream is a long and difficult process, those who do not turn off the road will certainly be rewarded.

How to train your dragon

A good story that you need to believe in children that strength is not in muscles, but not weapons wins at all, is literally created for family viewing and discussion. The main character of the cartoon, a Viking boy, whom everyone considered a weakling in his native village, will make a real revolution in the minds of its inhabitants and show how to overcome their fears and take responsibility for those whom he has tamed.


“Puzzle” is a unique chance to make a journey into the depths of human consciousness. In an original fantasy manner, the cartoon raises the most important topics: what emotions drive us, and why it is perfectly normal to experience sadness and anger from time to time. Like all Pixar films, Puzzle is layered, so parents will enjoy watching it too. In addition, it is beneficial for everyone to look inside themselves from time to time in order to realize their true desires and emotions.  


The cartoon will delight you and your child not only with beautiful landscapes and acquaintance with the culture of the Polynesian tribes. The brave and quick-witted daughter of the leader named Moana, by her example, will show young viewers that they need to be able to take responsibility, follow the call of the heart and overcome fears. Wanting to save her tribe, the girl embarks on a dangerous sea voyage. Together with the demigod Maui, she will have to cross the ocean, fight monsters and break the ancient spell.


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