Convenient and beautiful: 5 home styling for every day

Convenient and beautiful: 5 home styling for every day

What does home styling mean? First of all – comfort and a minimum of styling products – varnishes, mousses, and so on. Moreover, with such a hairstyle it is convenient to do any household chores: clean up, play with children, and even relax. And, of course, it should look stylish and you like it. We are considering the best options for home styling together with the blogger, founder of the online school for remote professions DAMAGE.SCHOOL, mother of many children Maria Danazhi.


The bunch always looks very delicate and turns out to be more elegant just when you are not in a hurry. The best option would be a careless execution of this styling. If your hair lacks volume, you can try the option of an understated bun: gather the hair in the back in a ponytail, wrap it up, gently releasing a few strands from the side.

Braided Tail

Most girls go home with a regular tail, although there is a simple way to make it more original and more romantic: try adding weaving elements to it – if you do this at least from one side, the result will look more interesting. Plus, if you don’t have enough volume for your ponytail, braiding is the best solution because it adds volume to your hair and makes styling visually softer. If you can’t braid such spikelets yourself, you can start with a simpler option – two ordinary braids.

Crab “a la the 90s”

Fashion is cyclical, so it is not surprising that crabs, which were previously actively worn by our mothers, have returned to the trend agenda. You can pick up all the hair with a crab, and only the top strands, and let go of the rest. You can also easily tweak your hairstyle with a crab – comb it and re-secure it. If you don’t have a crab, you can use hairpins. For example, wrap your hair on one side in a tourniquet and secure it with your favorite accessories. The main thing is that the execution of the hairstyle is minimalistic and concise.

Styling with rim

Next is the option with a headband, with which you can style your hair in very different ways. The headband can be used with ponytails, crab hair, and braids. It can be worn with loose hair and loosened front strands.

Half-head bundle

The advantage of this styling is that thanks to the collection of the upper part of the hair, they do not get into the eyes. From the collected hair, you can make a pigtail and twist it – then you get a small “bump”, which will also look very colorful. The main thing in this hairstyle is to make sure that the top of the head is not “licked”. If your hair does not have its own volume, you just need to do a little comb. In this styling, negligence is very important


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