First Cashierless Project Opened in London by Amazon

First Cashierless Project Opened in London by Amazon

Amazon is opening its first cashierless project outside the US. In this project, the company will use automated or Self-checkout technology for the first time.

The Seattle company has said that on Thursday, Amazon will inaugurate its first fresh branded cashierless store in 2500 square feet in the Ealing area of ​​London. Just like people use the store in America, in the same way, people will get the facility of use here. In the store, when people remove things from the shelf, they will be under the surveillance of the camera and when anything arises by the shopper, the sensor will track it and when you exit, you will pay your bill automatically with a credit card.

The store represents the technology and retail giant’s huge effort to reshape physical retailing. Amazon is also offering to give a license to this system. This system is called just walkout technology, to other companies.

Amazon has so far run 26 cashierless stores under its brand in the US and according to their website are running two big projects such as Go Grocery. This is the first cashierless project outside the US project in London.

As a launch, the company has introduced a new private food brand, which they called “by Amazon” to be sold in the store.

This is Amazon’s new initiative; it will be very useful to the people in this covid19 epidemic.


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