The Story Behind Amazon’s New Logo and Why It’s So Controversial

The Story Behind Amazon’s New Logo and Why It’s So Controversial

Amazon recently redesigned the app icon for its Android app. This new icon looked like a one-story version of the company’s famous smile logo and seemed to be related to something else we have seen before–Adolf Hitler’s handlebar mustache. The company replaced it a few hours after it was posted on the app store so that people could get accustomed to this new look. The new design removed the “horizontal line crossing,” but why is there all the fuss about a new logo in the first place?

Amazon logo changes

The App icon is not the only place where Amazon decided to change the look of its logo. The old and new versions were meant to show that Amazon is growing and changing as a company. Perhaps a change was necessary after the company went public–so it could express its new identity in a new way.

What is the significance of the logo?

The company explained on its blog, that the “neon green lines represent the storefronts that are part of the retail experience. The metallic strip to the left of the storefronts represents the different types of goods that can be bought from” This explanation is part of what is known as FWD, or FWD, which stands for Forget About Future and Fix My Past. The idea is that we should forget about what happened yesterday and fix the problems that we have today. In this case, “” represents a company that broke a lot of traditions with its earliest applications and began using “MS Paint” fonts to create its own logo, the two-wheeler, and even its product packaging.


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